Our May 2019 Event

This time, the theme of the event and the topic we discussed was 'copywriting' and marketing ourselves as language professionals. Our speaker was Rachel Forcella, content strategist and copywriter. Her talk was entitled "Uncovering the message to reveal the voice. How I work with entrepreneurs to help them better connect and engage with their audience and clients."

Our April 2019 Event

The April 26th event was a free-to-attend Easter social gathering in the private room of a lively wine bar, a hidden little gem in Moorgate.

Our February 2019 Event

After Gabriella Ferenczi's short welcome, we took part in an insightful thinking-together with Rakesh Bhanot, English language teaching professional. His talk was titled From DITTO to D.I.T.O.W. – Do It The Other/Opposite Way​.