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Become a Host

As our community keeps growing, we would like to invite different hosts to our events. It is an opportunity to bring new perspectives and offer a more colourful and thrilling experience to our attendees. It is time to introduce new voices!

What does a host do?
Your task as a host is to bring people together and create the right environment which encourages conversation and engages our attendees.
Please, keep in mind that you will not be on your own. Our team will be there to support you behind the scenes, step by step. 

Why should you join us as a host?
Your links, as well as your picture and bio will be included in our next event page on the website. They will be featured in the event summary too. Outbound links are good to improve your website’s SEO. In addition, you will have the opportunity to meet new people, get involved in our community and make connections with fellow language professionals.

If you are interested in stepping into the shoes of a host for our future events, please fill in the following form:

* Please note that this is an interdisciplinary audience which includes language teachers, coaches, trainers, tutors, translators, interpreters, voice-over actors, voice coaches, language and speech therapists, language and translation consultants, researchers, subtitlers, proofreaders, editors, transcreators. In order to engage and bring together the whole of our community, the conversation should revolve around a topic which is common ground for language professionals.

All applications will be thoroughly reviewed. After, we would be pleased to schedule a meeting with you to discuss all details and give you instructions. There are no deadlines for sending in proposals. Due to the regularity of our events we may have the upcoming months already planned. You will be offered the first available speaking opportunity.

Not sure whether you should apply?

To have a clear picture of what to expect, you might want to join one of our monthly events. Once you have seen the whole experience and how it all works, you could decide if you feel like stepping into the shoes of a host for one of our future events.