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What Does a Voice Coach Do, Anyway? A Glimpse into the World of Voice and Speech Coaching with Sonya Ross

Language Professionals’ Networking Event is back on Thursday 18th of May 2023 for a conversation with voice coach Sonya Ross:

What Does a Voice Coach Do, Anyway? A Glimpse into the World of Voice and Speech Coaching with Sonya Ross

Voice and speech coaching is essentially helping people to make the most of their speaking voice, but what does that actually mean in practice? Sonya joins us for a conversation about common assumptions about the profession, who seeks out and benefits from voice coaching, the many avenues the training can take, the hot topic of ‘accent reduction’ (or pronunciation training, as she prefers to call it), how we feel about our voices, and the importance of choice and exploration.

Programme and agenda

(All times displayed are UK London times.)

➡️ 6.30pm: The virtual doors open. Grab a drink and join us.
➡️ 6.35pm: Welcome by the host Gabriella Ferenczi
➡️ 6.40pm: What Does a Voice Coach Do, Anyway?
A Glimpse into the World of Voice and Speech Coaching with Sonya Ross
➡️ 7.20pm: Q&A and Discussion
➡️ 7.40pm: Structured networking, exchange of contact details
➡️ 8.00pm: End of the event

Meet the Speaker

Sonya Ross is a Voice, Speech and Pronunciation trainer based between London and Hastings, UK and online. Since completing her MA in Voice Studies from the Central School of Speech and Drama in 2006, Sonya has helped thousands of professionals from a variety of backgrounds to make the most of their speaking voice. She regularly works with actors, artists, entrepreneurs, executives, finance professionals, lecturers, managers, musicians, retired people, students and teachers – people who speak English as a first and an additional language alike. While most of her coaching takes place on a one-to-one basis, this year she launched her first round of Pronunciation Jump-Start: an online group pronunciation course focused on clear speech and rhythm.

Before qualifying as a voice coach, Sonya spent a few years as a Business English trainer in France, which gave her a solid background in the world of language training, as well as a first-hand insight into the language learner’s experience as she worked on her French – something she continues with to this day.

She is originally from the Highlands of Scotland and enjoys exploring accents. In her free time, she walks, sings*, reads, writes, travels and stares at the sea.

*She is not a singing teacher in any way – just enjoys singing for fun!

 Sonya is a member of the Voice and Speech Trainers Association (VASTA) and the International Phonetic Association.

All my work is underpinned by the concept of choice. I want everyone who takes voice training to emerge from it with more choices than before they started. This means vocal flexibility and freedom, a reliable toolbox and not feeling stuck in just one habitual ‘mode’.

We all have as-yet unexplored facets to our speaking voices, and it’s my privilege to help people explore theirs. It’s never about ‘putting on’ an ideal or fake voice, but  meeting, exploring and gradually owning the parts and abilities of our speaking voice that we may not have met (or dared try) before. That’s why I practise under the name Vocal Choice!

Sonya Ross

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