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Language Professionals’ Networking Event is back on Friday 29th January 2021.




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For our first event of the year, we teamed up with Madalena Xanthopoulou from We Live Languages and prepared a short anonymous survey, the result of which will be discussed at the event. The goal is to collect real data in order to start the discussion. 

We will have a panel discussion about the challenges language professionals face when it comes to money.

Together, we would like to address a delicate matter: finance and money in language related professions. 

4 questions, 1 minute (or less!).

You might find the questions a bit blunt and direct but all the information you will provide will remain completely anonymous to anyone and everyone. We are not taking your name or any other personal data.

We are thankful for your collaboration.

Introducing the panelists:

Madalena Xanthopoulou

Madalena launched We Live Languages (formerly known as The Alma Collective) in 2016 after graduating from Google Campus’ Start Up School for Mums. Her background in design and her insights as a native trilingual child & mother allow her to turn academic findings into practical solutions. She creates the concepts and is the face of We Live Languages.

Eloise Leeson

A trained linguist and communications specialist, Eloise Leeson founded her own company, Olim, after cutting her teeth working with brands like Deliveroo, Edinburgh Gin, and BrewDog.

Eloise works to help businesses close the gap between what they think they’re saying, and what’s actually being received by their customers.

Bryn Bonino

Bryn Bonino is a branding consultant at Backstory First, where she guides microbusiness leaders to use their own personal backstory as a branding tool.  She’s also a former language specialist and runs Make A Leap, a website where she interviews language educators who made the leap from teacher to entrepreneur.       

Gabriella Ferenczi

Gabriella Ferenczi is a German and Hungarian language coach, founder of ProLingua Global, a boutique language training company. Gabriella is the host of our events. She just launched Thrive Online, a place for language professionals who don’t like tech. It’s a place where they can find practical marketing guidance and step by step help to turn more online browsers into buyers.

🕗 Programme:

18.30: The virtual Zoom doors open. Grab a drink and join us.
18.35: Welcome
18.40: Let’s talk money
A panel discussion on passion & profit within our industry
19.10: 30-second intro pitches
19.20: Structured networking, exchange of contact details, drinks, great conversations

During the course of our monthly meetings, the money issue usually comes up in some shape or form. The financial reward doesn’t always correspond to what we expect, but the gratification we get from what we do is immeasurable.
However, very often we might find ourselves dealing with clients pushing back on our fees.

Your price is your value. The price you set is the equivalent of how much you think your worth is. Hearing we are “too expensive” is not pleasant at times. Why won’t people pay your rates? What to do when people bargain for your price?

Money is a complex subject that stirs up different kinds of emotions. At this event we want to have an informal, open and honest conversation about this subject matter. We know it is on everyone’s mind, yet difficult to discuss. 

If the topic is of interest and you would like to further explore it with other fellow language professionals, join us on January 29th.

What this month’s event is about – Gabriella explains more here:

Tickets are now released

NEW: Tickets are offered on a Pay What You Can basis to give you the freedom to choose. Each Pay What You Can ticket includes a donation to support the pioneering research work of Moorfields Eye Charity, making a difference for patients at Moorfields Eye Hospital and for people with sight problems around the world. Every little helps.

Come along, be part of this initiative, and enjoy an evening with like-minded language professionals.

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