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Friday 30th April 2021.




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18.30: The virtual Zoom doors open. Grab a drink and join us.
18.35: Welcome
18.40: A collective approach to transcreation
How we can create better, more engaging copy by working together.
19.10: 30-second intro pitches
19.20: Structured networking, exchange of contact details, drinks, great conversations

When it comes to marketing translation and transcreation, it is standard practice to have a copywriter and a copy-editor working on the content in isolation, with little or no contact with each other. However, Marco Airoldi and Nicola Calabrese have developed a method that allows these two professionals to work together, building on each other’s ideas to achieve better results.

In this presentation Marco and Nicola will give a practical demonstration of the process behind the adaptation of a headline (EN > IT), illustrating the strengths of their approach and the advantage for customers.

They will also discuss how this innovative approach allowed them to stand out from their competitors, prompting them to extend the application of this model to other languages, opening up new commercial possibilities.

Introducing the speakers:

Nicola Calabrese and Marco Airoldi are two Italian linguists and creative language professionals, as well as the founders of Comunico and Undertow.

After several years working in marketing and production agencies in London, they launched these two initiatives to help brands reach their international audiences and engage them across different languages.

Comunico is a small team of Italian linguists that specialises in marketing and advertising copy. 

Undertow is a boutique language service provider that helps brands communicate effectively with their audiences.

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Come along, be part of this initiative, and enjoy an evening with like-minded language professionals.

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