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Language Professionals’ Networking Event is back in January 2020.

Date: 24th January, 6.30pm onwards

Location: Cote Brasserie, St Pauls. 26 Ludgate Hill, London EC4M 7DR

Programme and agenda:

➡️ 18.30: Doors open
➡️ 18.40: Welcome
➡️ 18.45: Friederike Sell: “International English for native English speakers” – Why we have to encourage the re-learning of a mother tongue in international organisations
➡️ 19.15: Q&A
➡️ 19.30: Intro pitches
➡️ 19.45 onwards: Networking, drinks, great conversations

The entire world speaks English, so many international businesses use it as their working language. This makes sense – but if we take into account that native English speakers use the language differently from non-native speakers, we need to question if it is as simple as that.

The answer is no: after illustrating some differences between how English is used in the two groups, Friederike will elaborate on why organisations with a multilingual workforce should make a point of using international English rather than ‘English’ as their working language – and what possible negative implications there are for both native and non-native speakers if they don’t. She’ll finish by mapping out some steps that anyone can take to make their English more international, both on an individual and an organisational level.

About the speaker:

Friederike Sell is part of BEIO Consulting, a consultancy that helps internationally-operating organisations which use English as their working language. The consultancy is based on a 7-year research project at the University of Bonn, Germany, and advises on how to use English such that it is efficient, fair and inclusive for speakers of any language background.

Friederike holds an MSc in Applied Linguistics from the University of Edinburgh and is working on her PhD on cognitive aspects of foreign language use at the University of Bonn. Her work is supported by the British Council Assessment Research Award and the Doctoral Dissertation Grant of The International Research Foundation for English Language Education/Cambridge Assessment.

She is an advocate of multilingualism and never gets tired of raising awareness about how language use affects human interactions in more ways than we’re usually aware of.

Join Friederike and fellow language professionals on the evening, and join in the lively discussions.

Friederike Sell’s talk will be followed by structured networking in the form of 30-second intro pitches: Everyone who’d like to participate will have the chance to introduce themselves in 30 seconds flat.

Why 30 seconds? Isn’t it too short? – No!

✅ It’s the optimum length to grab people’s attention.
✅ It’s powerful and respects everyone’s time.
✅ It’s a way to share your expertise and credentials quickly and effectively with people who don’t know you.
✅ When people approach you after the pitch, you’ll have the chance to explain more to those who would like to find out more about you.

What’s the best format for a 30-second intro pitch?

There are multiple ways to tackle an elevator pitch. There isn’t one single recipe, so experiment and see what works best for you. You might want to kick off with a short (perhaps creative, slightly unusual) intro of what you do, share some of your skills, mention your recent successes, and don’t forget to ask a question if you need help and want to be introduced to someone.

You can do this in 4 powerful sentences, less than 30 seconds. Those who’d like to find out more about you will certainly want to connect with you afterwards and that’s where you’ll have the chance to share more about yourself.

Make sure you bring plenty of business cards so you can exchange contact details.

Each ticket includes a drink and a donation:

When securing a ticket, you’ll also support the pioneering research work of Moorfields Eye Charity, making a difference for patients at Moorfields Eye Hospital and for people with sight problems around the world.

Come along, be part of this initiative, and enjoy an evening with like-minded language professionals.

Can’t make it this time?

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