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Language Professionals’ Networking Event is back

on Thursday 17th February 2022

Programme and agenda:

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➡️ 6.30pm: The virtual doors open. Grab a drink and join us.

➡️ 6.35pm: Welcome by the host

➡️ 6.40pm: Language as Evidence: forensic linguistics in action. A talk and presentation by Annina van Riper

➡️ 7.10 – Q&A with Annina

➡️ 7.30 – 8pm: 30-second intro pitch round. Structured networking, exchange of contact details, drinks, great conversations

Language is one of the most powerful tools that humans have; the role of a forensic linguist is to analyze how people use this tool at the interface of language and law. Join Annina Van Riper on Thursday, 17 February 2022 as they discuss how linguistics use core linguistic tools (e.g. phonetics, syntax, semantics etc.) to examine language in forensic contexts.

About the Speaker

Annina Van Riper is a current student pursuing a Master of Arts in Forensic Linguistics. They are passionate about studying the way language is used in everyday life as well as legal contexts. In the case of the latter, Annina has applied their forensic linguistic skillset by performing an authorship analysis for a missing person case. In addition, their recent research was focused on examining authorial stance in threatening communications. They one day hope to open their own consulting firm that specializes in forensic linguistics.

Language can be soft and sacred just as sure as it can be explosive and incendiary; it is an everyday tool that is used to communicate information, share feelings, and create opportunities. Equally, language has been leveraged to intentionally marginalize communities, legitimize injustice, and stoke division. It is for this reason that I am drawn to linguistics: language is faithfully fluid and linguistics offers the key to studying its elements.

Annina van Riper

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