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CategoryPast events and speakers

Our April 2023 Event: Too old to learn and too foreign to teach: Misconceptions about teaching and learning a new language. A talk by Ana Ilievska Završnik

At the recent Language Professionals Networking Event in April, we had the pleasure of hosting Ana Ilievska Završnik as our guest speaker. Ana shared her expertise on the topic of “Misconceptions about teaching and learning a new language”.Her insights shed light on common misconceptions that language professionals often come across in this field, and provided valuable insights and tricks to counter them.

Our March 2023 Event: Unlock The Secrets To Success As A Translator. A Talk by María Scheibengraf

At the Language Professionals Networking Event in March, we were joined by guest speaker María Scheibengraf, who shared her ideas and expertise on attracting high-paying clients in the language and translation industry. As a marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialist, María provided valuable insights and advice for those seeking success in their careers as independent language professionals.

Our February 2023 Event: Visual Design for Language Professionals. A Talk by Chris Thompson

For this Month’s Language Professionals Networking Event, we were joined by guest speaker, Chris Thompson, for a talk on ‘Visual Design for Language Professionals’. This talk focused on Chris’ career as a Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP) expert and gave some pointers on how to make your written documents look good and read well as a language professional.

Our January 2023 Event: “Yes, I have an accent, decolonise your ears”. With Dr. Maame Nikabs.

Language bias refers to the idea that we are inclined to favour those who communicate in the same way as us: people who speak our language, have the same accent, and use similar vocabulary or slang. This is, unfortunately, a common cause for discrimitation, as some accents can be seen as less professional or less ‘proper’ than others. On January 27th, we were joined by Dr. Maame Nikabs to hold an open forum discussion on these issues.

Our December 2022 Event: Year-end Reflections, Things we Learnt in 2022

For December’s Event, we connected language professionals through what we call ‘link-building networking’. The theme of this month was ‘Year-end Reflections: Things we Learnt in 2022′ .

To mark the end of 2022, we invited language professionals to reflect on their experiences this year, and what this means for them moving forward into 2023.

Our November 2022 Event: A Glimpse into the World of Natural Language Processing. A Talk by Anna Koroleva

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the more controversial topics in linguistics, with some saying that AI is a useful tool and others worried that linguists will be replaced by AI in the future. On November 25th, we were joined by Computational Linguist, Anna Koroleva, to discuss natural language processing (NLP) and why she believes it is not coming to replace us.

Our July 2022 Event: Summer Social round 2

The July event was published just a week before the actual date, and therefore, it ended up to be an intimate event where we chatted for hours on end on all things life, work, productivity, languages, travel, covid, war and peace, inclusivity and discrimination, freedom and restrictions, balance and overwhelm, health and wellbeing.

Our February 2022 Event: Annina Van Riper: Language as Evidence. Forensic Linguistics in Action

Language is one of the most powerful tools that humans have; the role of a forensic linguist is to analyse how people use this tool at the interface of language and law. Annina Van Riper joined us on Thursday, 17 February 2022 to discuss how linguists use core linguistic tools (e.g. phonetics, syntax, semantics etc.) to examine language in forensic contexts.