Our December 2020 Event

On our last event of the year on Friday 18th December, we asked participants to bring some nuggets of wisdom, anything they felt encapsulates what 2020 has meant to them. The goal: ending the old year and starting the new year in a positive way, appreciating the hidden wisdom that so often lies behind the challenges we all face.

Our November 2020 Event

On Friday 27th November we talked about how challenging it is to find new clients, to market ourselves and sell our services without coming across as pushy, and to find the kind of clients we enjoy working with. With the help of 5 experienced speakers we explored ideas and strategies that could helps us all to market ourselves more effectively.

Our January 2020 Event

At the first event of the new year, we gathered to listen to Friederike Sell's talk titled “International English for native English speakers” – Why we have to encourage the re-learning of a mother tongue in international organisations. The lively discussion that followed proved to be hugely engaging and thought-provoking.

Our June 2019 Event

On the evening of 20th June 2019, we gathered again in Central London to listen to Nathalie Danon's talk entitled 'From a rather lost young French expat to a modern foreign language entrepreneur!'