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Become a Speaker

Our interdisciplinary community is growing fast. Our interest is to costantly inspire, inform and connect language professionals. We are always looking for new proposals to engage participants and we’re offering you the opportunity to jump on the stage and share your perspective.

What’s like to be a speaker?
Our speakers cover a wide range of topics. Languages are certainly what bring us together, but we like to tackle business-related issues as well.
You may want to talk about some of the insights and challenges you see in your particular field of work, or anything you believe could be interesting and thought-provoking for our audience.

The perks of being a speaker:
Speaking ot one of our events is a great opportunity to broaden your network, meet fellow language professionals and build connections.
Every speaker will be featured in our regular monthly write-up with contact details and links in our website. Outbound links help your website’s ranking and SEO.

If you are interested in joining us as a speaker at some point, please complete the form below:

*Please note that this is an interdisciplinary community. We have language teachers, coaches, trainers, tutors, translators, interpreters, voice-over actors, voice coaches, language and speech therapists, language and translation consultants, researchers, subtitlers, proofreaders, editors, transcreators. The talk should be applicable to all sorts of language professionals.

All applications will be carefully examined. There are no deadlines for sending in proposals. Due to the regularity of our events we may have the upcoming months already planned. You will be offered the first available speaking opportunity. After submitting, we’d love to schedule a call with you to have a quick chat over coffee and discuss time and details.

Not sure if you should apply?

No problem. Feel free to join as a visitor at any point, this is a regular monthly event. You could see what it’s all about and then decide if you are a good fit for Language Professionals’ Networking Event as a speaker at a later stage.