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Our June 2022 Event: Summer Social in London

What started out as an alfresco summer social event in Central London was one of our first forays into in-person events. We were thrilled to gather language professionals to connect over a fine cocktail in an iconic location: a pop–up picnic garden in Barbican surrounded by brutalist architecture and high art.

Barbican is a brutalist concrete jungle. If you’ve never been to this iconic part of Central London, do visit one day but keep an open mind. You’ll either love it or hate it. It’s like Marmite. But one thing is certain: you can’t ignore it.

It’s rather easy to get lost in the jungle, but eventually, everyone made it to the Lakeside Picnic Garden to enjoy the last rays of sunshine. The lucky ones even managed to grab a deck chair and chill a bit.

Host Gabriella Ferenczi welcomed all the attendees with a nice summer Pimms. Language professionals joined us from London and surroundings, France, Germany and even Hungary. And then, a few thick drops of rain signalled that it was time to move in – and all of a sudden, it started to bucket down as the English say.

Off we went right inside the Barbican complex and made it up to the Martini Bar with views over the foyers and lakeside where we could safely network and enjoy each other’s company over a cocktail prepared by Harvey Macaraig and his team.

The official favourite of the day: Shakespeare Tower. One of the Martini Bar’s Signature Cocktails. Ingredients: Aged Havana rum, orange liqueur, lime juice, almond syrup, bitters, pineapple juice, fresh pineapple, cherry, and edible flower.

This time, we had translators, interpreters, language trainers and coaches who joined us, and we talked all things lingo, career, work, pandemic, you name it. It was nice to finally meet face to face and learn how we’ve all been doing over the past couple of years. We exchanged contact details, connected over LinkedIn and had a really good time.

Without further ado, here are the pics of the evening – from inside the Martini Bar.

Thanks to everyone who joined us this time. Keep in close touch and we hope to see you again soon, whenever the time is right.


2 thoughts on “Our June 2022 Event: Summer Social in London Leave a comment

  1. Hi Joanna, so lovely to hear from you. We haven’t forgotten about our international friends, don’t worry! In August, we’ll do another round of link-building style networking where everyone is welcome to contribute to a topic in a written format. And in September, we’ll be back with a proper online event to say hello again to anyone and everyone who’d like to hang out with us. We’ll stay in close touch, I promise 😉
    Muchos besitos. xxx


  2. Hi Gabby!
    So sad I can’t come to these in-person events.
    Have you thought of continuing with an onlione event as well as offline?
    There must be a few of us around the UK and beyond who are still interested in the monthly networki¡ng event.

    Much love


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