Our July 2020 Event

On the last Friday of July, we had language teachers, coaches, translators, interpreters and researchers tuning in from different corners of the world to encourage each other and spend some time discussing aspects of the freelancer life at our monthly networking event.

Our June 2020 Event

We listened to Yelena McCafferty's talk entitled Language Freelancers at the Time of Change, followed by an engaging discussion, structured networking and refreshing drinks on what proved to be one of the hottest days in the UK in 2020. We had language professionals tuning in from all corners of the UK as well as South America, Asia and Europe.

Our May 2020 Event

This Friday evening online get-together was dedicated to self-reflection, and we shared with each other some nuggets of wisdom and positivity for the challenging times we're in.

Our April 2020 Event

As part of a welcome, host Gabriella Ferenczi contemplated on the no longer so new reality we all find ourselves in because of the pandemic. The welcome was followed by Marianna Goral's highly insightful talk entitled Exploratory Practice: Experiencing Authentic Being through Critical Practices. In this 30-minute talk Marianna recounted her 5-year research journey using …

Our March 2020 Event

For the first time, Language Professionals’ Networking Event went online. The whole world is upside down due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. In times like these, communities are more important than ever. Participants joined us online for a collective brainstorming to discuss the challenges language professionals are now facing in a private, supportive environment. The purpose …

Our January 2020 Event

At the first event of the new year, we gathered to listen to Friederike Sell's talk titled “International English for native English speakers” – Why we have to encourage the re-learning of a mother tongue in international organisations. The lively discussion that followed proved to be hugely engaging and thought-provoking.

Results of a survey on the challenges of language professionals

Late 2019, we conducted a short survey to understand the challenges language professionals face as we are entering a new decade. The goal of the survey was to gain new insights, to have meaningful conversations in our meetings, and also to organise future programmes, events and workshops accordingly. Gabriella explains more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rI1dWv08rU&feature=youtu.be The first …