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Our January 2022 Event. Juliet Landau-Pope: I’ll Do It Tomorrow. How to Overcome Procrastination

Productivity coach Juliet Landau-Pope joined us on Thursday 17th January to talk about procrastination and to share some practical strategies and motivational tips to kickstart us all into action.

Juliet started with a simple yes/no question: Do you procrastinate?

No surprises in the chatbox: everyone but one person answered with a clear and resounding yes.

Juliet reassured us:

Procrastination is not a personality trait. It’s a behaviour that can become habitual.

Juliet Landau-Pope

She talked about the cycle of inaction and how we can overcome it.

She then shared some really practical tips that can help us when we find ourselves avoiding important tasks or struggling to complete them.

We had a discussion on the connection between time management and procrastination. As Juliet explained:

There’s no such thing as time management. It’s self-management.

Juliet Landau-Pope

As part of the Q&A, we talked about the difference between procrastination and prioritising, whether specific conditions (e.g. ADHD) can make the tendency to procrastinate worse, and we discussed what we can do when we find ourselves with an endless list of to-dos that just never seem to end.

In the chatbox, we shared book tips, podcast recommendations, and words of encouragement.

Thanks for everyone’s active participation and the great comments and questions. We’ll be back again in February.


About the Speaker

Juliet Landau-Pope MA (Oxon), PG Cert AP (Open), CPCC, FRSA is a productivity coach & study skills consultant, based in London. 

An Oxford graduate, Juliet taught social sciences and study skills at the Open University for more than 14 years. Fascinated by the role of motivation in teaching and learning, she trained as a coach and launched her consultancy JLP Coach in 2008.  A leading expert on procrastination, Juliet has helped hundreds of students and busy adults from diverse backgrounds to develop time management and organising skills. In addition to 1-2-1 coaching, she regularly devises workshops and speaks in educational and corporate settings.

Juliet volunteered for six years as head of training for APDO, the Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers, devising and leading the 1st UK business training courses for professional organisers. During lockdown, she set up the Academy of Virtual Organising and led two international summits to support professional organisers pivoting their businesses online.

Juliet has written two books: Being More Productive (2017) and Clearing Your Clutter (2018).

Reach out to Juliet using these links:
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