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Our March 2022 Event: Networking for Introverts

Hate networking but deep down, you know you should do it? In March 2022, language professionals got together to learn and practice how we can put ourselves out there without making ourselves exhausted.

This fast-paced yet friendly event was hosted by Gabriella Ferenczi who prepared a series of mini-talks followed by practice sessions so that we could try and implement the tips and strategies right away, in a kind and supportive environment. It was a fun and memorable way to meet and connect with fellow language professionals.

How I learnt to love networking as an introvert

The first mini-talk was about Gabriella’s personal experience with networking as an introvert. As she explained:

Everyone tells you that if you go to a networking event, you must work the room and leave with a big bunch of business cards. I find it ridiculous that it’s advertised as a one-size-fits-all doctrine. Instead, I suggest that those of us who’re closer to the introverted end of the spectrum, approach networking like we’re looking for kindred spirits. Because, at any event, there’s always at least one person that you can easily connect with, that you really want to hang out with and get to know better. Find that one person. It’s quality over quantity.

Gabriella Ferenczi

Gabriella then shared an ice-breaking prompt that we could then try in the practice networking session that followed.

How to forge meaningful conversations with strangers

In the second talk, we explored how we can cut through the initial small talk by asking the right kind of questions. We then went on to practice this in the Warmup networking session.

Pitching at networking events. How to do it without coming across as pushy or sales-y

The third short talk was dedicated to pitching. We distinguished between a sales pitch and a social intro pitch. And Gabriella explained that depending on the style and format of the networking event and bearing in mind the audience that attends it, she would prepare different pitches, but she’d never do a hardcore sales pitch at a networking event.

After the practice networking sessions, with everyone warmed up to the idea of introducing themselves to all the attendees, we went on to our usual 30-second intro pitch round where everyone had a chance to introduce themselves and leave their links in the chatbox.

How to follow up and keep in touch with new contacts

In the final short talk, Gabriella shared some tips as to how to exchange contact details in an online event in an efficient way, and how to keep in touch with the people we just met – online or offline.

The goal of the event was to prove that networking is for everyone – not just for the bold and brave. And to show that we can easily make networking work for us in a way that suits our quiet nature.

About the Host

Gabriella Ferenczi  is a German and Hungarian language teacher, language coach. She lives in London, Uk, where she runs a boutique language training company called ProLingua Global. She’s also the host of our events.

Late 2020, she launched Thrive Online, an online space with free marketing tips and tools for language professionals who don’t like tech. It’s a place where they can find practical guidance and step by step help to turn more online browsers into buyers.

Thank you to everyone who joined, practised and participated. We’ll be back again in April.


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