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Language Coaching Foundation Programme for Language Professionals

An exclusive 1 day training programme brought to you by Gabriella Kovacs, ICF-credentialed language coach and business communication trainer, teacher trainer in collaboration with Language Professionals’ Networking Event.

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Originally from Australia, Gabriella Kovacs is head language coach of a corporate language school in Budapest, Hungary. Her mission is to add dimension to ongoing language learning practices by introducing language coaching to organisations and also to spark interest in coaching for language professionals globally. She has designed and led several language coaching workshops and trainings for language professionals and is soon to support teacher trainees and faculty of various institutes and universities.

Gabriella has put together this special 1 day foundation programme for language teachers, trainers and tutors who are open to explore a new perspective of their teaching practice.


June 2019 – Exact date to be announced upon demand.
9.30am – 5pm
6.5 hours intensive training


Central London

“Teachers may feel that the teaching processes they’ve grown accustomed to are no longer providing the support and help it has in the past: neither for the teachers, as professionals, nor for the students. We teachers have reached a point in our profession where we are at a crossroads. We can stop and scratch our heads and go on as before – with exactly the same results as we had, or we can embrace change and deal with the challenges, complexities and explore unknown terrain and utilise them in the classroom, training room.”

This 1 day Language Coaching Foundation Programme has been developed for language teachers, trainers, tutors and other language professionals in the teaching profession, who …

  • have felt that they are powerless during a lesson, eventhough they have applied all their teacher tricks
  • have had their students articulate that they feel they are not making the progress they need and feel they should but cannot develop during lessons
  • would like to have the skills to create a language learning / communication strategy for their students
  • are looking for an opportunity to strengthen, support courses they teach in the near future with the help of professional development

Language coaching supports students to grow to their full potential, to help them find challenges and solutions – not problems or mistakes.

Gains of completing the foundation programme:

  • Teachers will increase their credibility and add significantly to their professional toolkit
  • Teachers will decrease professional blindspots and ’dead-end’ situations, difficult students
  • Teachers will learn how to maximize their lessons so lesson prep time goes down and student motivation goes up
  • Teachers’ students, clients will definitely feel the difference after completing this programme
  • Teachers will have the opportunity to grow their network

Feedback from teachers after the workshop:

“Students will feel they are taking ownership of their learning.”

“Be ready to be inspired – step out of your comfort zone.”

“Your students will see greater teacher energy, with a focus shift from mistakes to learner goals.”

“I love the creative approach, which inspires me and gives me ideas to explore my own creative vein.”

“It is great to be learning and utilizing best practices of participants in addition to the core material.”

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Foundation Modules

Timeline: 6.5 hrs

During the training you will:

  • learn to exploit your lessons to the extreme,
  • have a number of ready to use LC tools,
  • be far more aware of what is going on when language learners seem frustrated and demotivated and will learn to support
  • see your teaching from a new perspective, and the challenges in the teaching/learning process,
  • experience interactive work with colleagues, as high involvement is expected of all participants for maximum results.



  • Definitions, approaches to coaching vs. teaching
  • Theory overview of language coaching
  • How is a coaching approach language teaching different to language coaching?
  • In what situations is it worth applying the framework of language coaching?
  • Language coaching in practice
  • Basic coaching tools introduced
  • Pair- and small group work: learn coaching by doing


June 2019
9.30am – 5pm
6.5 hours intensive training

Have your say! Vote on what dates would work for you best.


Central London

Spaces are limited to 20 participants exclusively. Express your interest in the programme here to be notified when tickets will be released first hand.

Check out Gabriella Kovacs in a brief conversation here with Gabriella Ferenczi, host and organiser of Language Professionals’ Networking Event and founder of ProLingua Global, a London-based language training company: