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Mark Ghannam: AI and Languages. How AI will change the linguistics space

Artificial intelligence is permeating every aspect of our lives, and language is no exception. Mark Ghannam discussed the effect AI has on linguistics, from advanced AI translators to enhanced voice technologies, that are changing our day to day lives.

As Mark points out, the continuous technological progress has unquestionably brought great breakthroughs in the way we learn new languages and in the way we can have automated assistance helping us overcome challenges, but there’s still a long way to go and the limits of AI are yet to be solved.

Whereas unlikely is the fact that robots will take over the world, it’s undeniable that we are approaching a stage now where AI is constantly improving.

There is a question that is on everyone’s mind: will AI replace humans? Mark’s answer is no (at least not for the moment): AI is still not good as a human would be.

Can AI overcome those limitations in the coming years? We simply can’t know.

As Mark explains:

A question that every industry is asking right now: what jobs will be replaced by robots?

I believe that robots can work with humans, but I believe that repetitive manual tasks will be automated. Humans should produce AI in a way that complements our functions.

It’s impossible to imagine a world without human critical thinking, but it is easy to foresee a future where humans and robots coexist, and where the latter will be able to think and make decisions.

In this perspective, the concerns of the experts are no longer whether and which jobs will be replaced, but more urgent questions are arising. And if we allow AI to develop in a context of weak policies, we risk the situation getting out of hand.

Hence the urgent need to regulate AI to prevent humanity from paying too high a price.

AI isn’t another utility that needs to be regulated once it’s mature. It’s a powerful force, a new form of smart agency, which is already reshaping our lives.

To sum it up, Mark points out that …

AI will allow humans to focus on mission-critical tasks and increase throughput by automating manual, mundane tasks. It will give humans a chance to differentiate their offerings and make their services more engaging, working with machine to initiate more industry breakthroughs.

Food for thought!

About the Speaker:

Mark Ghannam

is a Solutions Engineer at Labelbox, the leading training data platform to accelerate AI applications. Previously he was a data scientist and AI strategy consultant advising industry leaders and governments how to build their digital strategies and roll out their AI/data science platforms. In his most recent role, he is a key enabler to help data science teams and engineers build scalable AI solutions faster in all industries.

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