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Nathalie Danon: The Power of People. Why not networking is not an option – in business and in life

The second networking session of the day was hosted by Nathalie Danon, who, after Gabriella’s short introduction, jumped right into explaining the material and less tangible benefits of building a solid, reliable network both in business and personal life.  

“Anyone can imitate your business but no one can imitate you”. 

She started with a strong, thought-provoking statement. To let us understand why Nathalie is so passionate about networking, she pointed out that, contrary to popular opinion, it’s not only about meeting people and having a cup of coffee. It’s about attracting connections, who one day may become your clients, your suppliers, colleagues or business advisors.

It’s an opportunity to demonstrate to them how unique you are.

She underlined that it’s crucial to remind ourselves all the time that without connections, growing a business is impossible. 

It’s been scientifically proven that humans function better as a part of a community. You can survive without belonging to a tribe – but you’ll thrive only within one. Nathalie showed us, based on her own experience, that becoming a part of a network is the best thing you can do both for yourself and for your business. 

“Openness is the key to growth.“

After her short and inspiring talk, we moved to actual business networking. Every attendee had 30 seconds to introduce themselves. We were pleased to give the stage to people from all around the globe. We exchanged contact details, making sure that all interested parties would be able to find each other later on in the online universe. 

We then asked questions from Nathalie and had a great conversation about networking best practices, dos and don’ts.

About the host:

Nathalie Danon

is the award-winning director of The VICI Language Academy and VICI Languages France, two highly respected, elite language academies in England and France respectively. She also runs a corporate division, VICI Language Dynamics. 

Nathalie is a business coach and is now launching The Business Club for Language Professionals, a place for language professionals who understand the value of business connections, and who want to share their experiences, mistakes and successes with a group of like-minded peers.

She passionately believes that success requires being open to continuous personal development and being willing to ask for help when needed, and so in addition to running her own language businesses provides personalised coaching and mentoring, drawing on her first-hand experience to help driven and energetic language professionals get the lift they need to make a success of their business.

Connect with Nathalie using these links:

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