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Signal is a 1-day online festival by language professionals,
for language professionals.

Hosted by Language Professionals’ Networking Event, a non-profit, interdisciplinary monthly social gathering, Signal is a celebration of the 3rd year anniversary of LPNE.

Since 2018, we’ve organised a networking event, every single month. And like any birthday worth its salt, we’d like to celebrate in style.

We thought we would dedicate a whole day to celebrate not only this special occasion but also the wonderfully colourful industry that we’re in as language professionals.

Tickets have now been released:

Your ticket includes:

  • entry to every single event of the day, including talks, panel discussion, networking and our surprise live show
  • 1-month access to the recording of the talks, the panel discussion, and the live show (the networking parts of the programme will not be recorded)
  • a donation to Moorfields Eye Charity.


24th September 2021
9:30 – 20:00 UK Time

Venue: Online, Zoom.


9.30-9.50 Welcome of our Host

Moorfields Eye Charity: Making a difference to the lives of people experiencing sight loss
Hear from Natasha Wright, Funding Manager and Joanne Green, Head of Fundraising and Engagement, about how your support helps them to fund life-changing eye research and innovative ideas to improve care for patients
9.50-10.30Coffee-powered Speed Networking
10.45-11.30Timea Kadar: The USP is you
Build a strong personal brand as a language professional to help your marketing
11.45-12.30Joanne Ford: Five Star Service But No Tip!
Are you overdelivering and under-appreciated?
12.45-13.30The Power of People. Why not networking is not an option – in business and in life.
Business Lounge Networking hosted by Nathalie Danon
13.45-14.30Julie Yoder: Put on your own oxygen mask first: the key to serving with integrity in your business
How to maintain your energy and balance your needs with those of whom you serve
14.45-15.30Bryn Bonino: Make A Leap: From Teacher To Entrepreneur
Trends from 30+ interviews with language professionals
15.45-16.30Mark Ghannam: AI and Languages
How AI will change the linguistics space
16.45-17.45Panel discussion: AI in the language industry: threat or opportunity?
18.00-19.00Storytelling Networking
19.15-20.00An Exclusive Live Show + Cocktail Reception

Bronwen Stephens-Harding: The Language of Love – An Opera Perspective
Times are displayed in UK (London) time zone.
Changes to the schedule are unlikely but possible.

Introducing Our Speakers

  • Timea Kadar is a marketing strategist and has used personal brand building to support her and her clients’ marketing.

    She has 35-40 speaking gigs a year including the ones at the Digital Innovation Summit in Excel or the Travel Summit in the County Hall. 

    She organised a TEDx event, launched her radio show, was covered in publications like Forbes, published 4 books, and won marketing awards. She is the author of two books, Your Story and The USP is You.

    This hasn’t happened by chance, but following a practical blueprint that she will share in her talk.

    The USP is You

    Build a strong personal brand as a language professional to help your marketing

    Language professionals often struggle with identifying their USP, ending up saying some vague statements.

    Above all, there’s one thing that makes you unique: your personality. The set of expertise, your methods, your background, and the experience you have. The USP is You!
    In her talk, Timea shares a practical guide on how to build a strong personal brand as a language professional. How to get into the press with your expertise, speak at events, publish a book. After the talk you’ll understand what to do to be known for what you know and get clients who don’t ask how you are different.

  • Joanne Ford is a Positive Mindset Mentor and Coach, whose mission is to support
    and guide others to develop their inner strength and become more resilient and

    Prior to setting up her own business, Promptus UK, Joanne worked as a trainer
    within the housing sector where she delivered core training subjects including
    Professional Boundaries, Resilience and Wellbeing and Mental Health Awareness.

    Five Star Service But No Tip!
    Are you overdelivering and under-

    It’s wonderful to have found your vocation in life. One that truly makes a difference. But do lay-people really understand what it takes to deliver the solutions that you, as language professionals, provide?

    What happens when pulling out all the stops to meet deadlines for your clients doesn’t seem to be enough or when your proposals are rejected because they are considered too expensive?
    A lack of appreciation of your specialist skills may lead to feelings of frustration, anxiety and self-doubt.

    If this sounds familiar, it may be time to revisit the importance of standing by your values and recognising your true worth.

    In this session Joanne will share some techniques to maintain resilience in times of challenge and hone assertiveness skills so that you receive the respect and appreciation you deserve without fear of rejection.

  • Julie Yoder is an experienced English language teacher and coach based in Washington, DC.
    Through her company, English With Purpose, she helps international professionals who are working for a better world communicate in English with confidence.

    She has worked in the language learning world since 1996 in a variety of roles teaching, training, and coaching, and, since 2007, she delivers customized one-to-one tutoring and coaching for international professionals. She is currently working on building a community for international professionals who work in English and offering holistic “Conversation Vacation” retreats in western Maryland in the U.S.

    Put on your own oxygen mask first: the key to serving with integrity in your business
    How to maintain your energy and balance your needs with those of whom you serve

    Language professionals know that in order to deliver the best to our clients and learners, we ourselves have to be consistently present, energetic, and tuned in to others’ needs. But how do we maintain that energy and stay healthy when we serve others all day? This can be particularly challenging for professionals who are independently employed – the temptation to over-deliver to secure that client or take on projects that test your boundaries but bring in revenue is real. We all need income, after all. 

    Julie has been through burnout twice – first as a public school ESL teacher in the U.S. and the second time as a teacherpreneur striving to build up a sustainable business. These days she is finally thriving, and she wants to share the valuable lessons, strategies, and tools she learned along the way about healing, staying healthy, and setting appropriate boundaries so you can authentically shine with your clients and still have time and energy for yourself and the other parts of life. 

  • Bryn Bonino, Ed.D. has worked as a teacher, educational administrator, and marketing consultant in Italy and the U.S. for 15+ years. She’s eligible for Italian citizenship and thought it would be easier to apply if she lived in Italy. But the job offers that Bryn got to work in Italy were jaw-droppingly low. 

    Putting all of her work experience together, she decided to interview language educators who’ve found a way to successfully “make the leap” from teacher to entrepreneur.  After formally interviewing 30 independent language teachers and coaches, Bryn has found trends in what all of them found to be successful. 

    Make A Leap: From Teacher To Entrepreneur
    Trends from 30+ interviews with language professionals

    How can you go from barely making it as a language teacher, to successfully make the leap as a language entrepreneur?  Bryn Bonino has interviewed 30+ independent language educators and coaches and she’ll tell you the trends that she found in her conversations.

  • Mark Ghannam is a Solutions Engineer at Labelbox, the leading training data platform to accelerate AI applications. Previously he was a data scientist and AI strategy consultant advising industry leaders and governments how to build their digital strategies and roll out their AI/data science platforms. In his most recent role, he is a key enabler to help data science teams and engineers build scalable AI solutions faster in all industries. 

    AI and Languages
    How AI will change the linguistics space

    Mark Ghannam is looking forward to discussing the effect AI has on linguistics, from advanced AI translators to enhanced voice technologies that are changing our day to day lives. As an Arabic, Spanish, French and English speaker, this topic is very close to his heart.

  • Nathalie Danon is the award-winning director of The VICI Language Academy and VICI Languages France, two highly respected, elite language academies in England and France respectively. She also runs a corporate division, VICI Language Dynamics. 

    Nathalie passionately believes that success requires being open to continuous personal development and being willing to ask for help when needed, and so in addition to running her own language businesses provides personalised coaching and mentoring, drawing on her first-hand experience to help driven and energetic language professionals get the lift they need to make a success of their business. 

    The power of people
    Why not networking is not an option – in business and in life

    So much in successful business boils down to your connections – your clients, your suppliers, your extended network of peers.  But when you’re juggling the many and various roles of a small business director, it’s so easy to allow getting out there and meeting people to slip to the bottom of the ‘to do’ list – especially when some professional networks carry an actual cost, and not just a time overhead.

    In this session Nathalie will dive into both the material and less tangible benefits of building a solid, reliable network, explaining why the short-term economy of skipping networking can actually have detrimental long-term effects, and why having a trusted tribe around you can be the difference between surviving and thriving – in both business and in your personal life!

AI in the language industry: threat or opportunity?
Meet the panelists

Exclusive live show

Bronwen Stephens-Harding
The Language of Love – An Opera Perspective

Bronwen Stephens-Harding, Mezzo-Soprano and Director of Rogue Opera will present a thrilling online live performance to close the Signal Festival, presenting three different arias in French, German and Italian, showcasing three different characters and their views on love.

About Bronwen:

At the age of eight, Bronwen declared her wish to be an opera singer. After a varied career, combining corporate marketing with busking, choral singing, opera performance and singing studies, she is now pursuing her dream full-time. After achieving a Diploma in Opera & Performance from Associated Studios in London and working in the UK and Europe, Bronwen founded Rogue Opera in 2018 with a vision of bringing opera to new audiences and unconventional spaces. As well as singing the title role in Rogue Opera’s inaugural season of Bizet’s Carmen, Bronwen directed the production and saw it performed in a variety of venues. 

Working with a dedicated troupe of musicians and seeing her concepts come to life on the stage have been a high point in her musical career, which continued with the company’s second season, presenting a vibrant, contemporary reimagining of Mozart’s Don Giovanni in 2019, which Bronwen directed. In the second revival tour she also performed the role of Donna Elvira. The challenges presented by Covid-19 in 2020 have taken Bronwen and Rogue Opera into new ventures, broadcasting over 45 livestream performances and building an archive over 100 video performances of arias and ensembles, providing creative work for Rogue Opera artists and introducing new audiences to opera. Delighted to be back to in-person events, Bronwen and Rogue Opera tour the country for gala performances and she has recently has created, written the English libretto and directed this new a production ‘A Modern Opera Love Story’ for Fuller’s Opera in the Garden

What the attendees of our monthly events are saying

Rating: 5 out of 5.

It has been a pleasure to attend this event, please free to connect with me on LinkedIn, thank you Gabriella once more for everything, congratulations to all speakers, their contribution was useful and inspiring! Wish everybody all the best!!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Thank you so much for the event, it was lovely to meet you all and a special thank you to the speakers for all this information, it was certainly a fascinating discovery! See you next month!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Thank you guys, thank you Gabriella, this has been really helpful and lovely to be in company of like-minded professionals.


An interdisciplinary community of 600+ language professionals

Join a colourful and lively community of fellow language professionals tuning in from every corner of the world and connect with each attendee.

3 sections covering some hot topics that are on everyone’s mind

From productivity and work-life balance, to business and marketing, digital innovation and AI, learn from some brilliant minds in the linguist world.

5 live talks and a panel discussion

Brilliant speaker line up to provoke your thoughts from every angle. Language entrepreneurs, niche experts, professionals, and thought-leaders join us to share their knowledge and give value. 

Access to recordings of the talks

Want to join us but can’t attend all the talks? Are you in a different time-zone and you’d miss out on our morning sessions? No worries. You’ll have access to the recordings for a whole month, so you can watch them later.

3 networking opportunities 

We’ll host three different types of networking to get to know each other and connect in a more dynamic way. Meet the speakers, meet other language professionals from around the world.

An exclusive live show to wrap up in style

After a day packed with talks and networking, we’ll wrap up on a lighter note: Let us entertain you. But that’s all we can say, we don’t want to spoil anything. After all, what’s the point of a surprise without a tiny bit of suspense?

A cause to support and make a real difference

From the proceeds of our tickets we support Moorfields Eye Charity and help them fund groundbreaking research into eye health. Every donation makes a real difference to the lives of people who suffer from blindness and visual impairment in the UK and all over the world.

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About the Host

Language Professionals’ Networking Event is an independent monthly social gathering. What started out as a London-based initiative back in the summer of 2018, LPNE has now organically grown into an online community of 700+ language professionals from all over the world. 

The purpose of our monthly interdisciplinary meetings is to provide an informal platform where language professionals across all disciplines can meet and connect in a supportive, informal environment.

We’re not a membership community. Anyone who considers themselves a language professional is welcome to join.

Who are the attendees?

Language teachers, coaches, trainers, tutors, translators, interpreters, transcreators, voice-over actors, voice coaches, language and speech therapists, language and translation consultants, researchers, subtitlers, proofreaders, editors, copywriters, journalists, forensic linguists, multilingual VAs, computer linguists, language entrepreneurs, and many other wonderful souls follow the initiative and join us each month.

We meet and learn from each other. We are inspired by talks and interviews with some brilliant minds. We ask for support, connect with each other and learn of new opportunities.

Comments and feedback at our monthly events

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Thank you so much to everybody out there 🙏🙏 sharing is caring…. and I love the fact we all share  our professional path here and nurturing within the community.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I wanted to say thank you to Gabriella for organising this event, Yelena for the presentation, and to everyone for your insights! It was really nice to hear people’s experiences with the covid situation and with working for agencies. Hope to meet you again either in person or online. – Mo


Rating: 5 out of 5.

In some ways, this online session EVEN better than the live ones! Only in some ways!


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Your ticket includes:

  • entry to every single event of the day, including talks, panel discussion, networking and our surprise live show
  • 1-month access to the recording of the talks, the panel discussion, and the live show (the networking parts of the programme will not be recorded)
  • a donation to Moorfields Eye Charity.