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2 Must-Try Marketing Hacks for Business Language Teachers

A short and insightful 30-min free webinar for business language teachers, trainers, tutors and coaches, with Gabriella Ferenczi

Date: Thursday 17th October, 7.30-8pm BST UK time. Yes, only half an hour, short and sweet, but highly thought-provoking!
Location: The comfort of your home (or wherever you are, you can join us from your laptop, tablet or mobile)

Join us at this webinar if:

✅ You’re an independent business language teacher or trainer, and would like to pick up some no-nonsense ideas on how you can differentiate yourself from other business language training providers on the market

✅ You’d like to get inspired by stories of fellow international business teachers from every corner of the world

✅ You have a burning marketing question you’d like to ask. After the webinar, you’ll get a chance to take part in a Q&A.

The webinar is led by Gabriella Ferenczi, German and Hungarian language teacher, founder of ProLingua Global, a boutique London-based boutique language training company.

About the speaker:

Gabriella Ferenczi has been working independently as a German and Hungarian language teacher for over 11 years in London. She is a linguist and language enthusiast. She founded ProLingua Global in order to be able to help more and more UK businesses to operate more effectively in our global, multicultural and multilingual world by allowing their employees to learn the language of their trade partners. Gabriella has worked with numerous executives across various industries, teaching them German and Hungarian, and has clients who’ve been loyal to her for over 10 years.

Spice up your marketing strategy and stand out from the crowd.

Date: Thursday 17th October, 7.30-8pm BST UK time.
Location: The comfort of your home (or wherever you are, you can join us from your laptop, tablet or mobile)

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