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A brief overview of Language Coaching

A 2-hour Focus Evening Event with Gabriella Kovacs ACC

Date:  Leave your email address here to express your interest and be notified when this unique programme is back again in London.

Location: Central London

The event is led by Australian-born Gabriella Kovacs ACC, an internationally credentialed language coach, business communication trainer, language teacher (B.Ed., M.A.), mentor and teacher trainer.
Her mission is to add dimension to ongoing language learning practices and call attention to a more holistic, person-centred approach for language professionals.
She provides trainings and workshops for teachers in Hungary and is active internationally through webinars, face-to-face and online workshops, trainings. She is currently supporting the work of various tertiary educational institutions in Hungary, co-operates with international training companies, besides working with her private and corporate clients on various projects.

This evening is about providing a brief overview, a glimpse into how language
coaching can work in a teaching, training environment. You will be pleasantly surprised at the insights gained with this first encounter.

Demo coaching, reflections, group work in a short but sweet programme to fit your busy schedule.

If you are working in adult-education and are looking for a special focus, come and join in on this impactful event!

Check out Gabriella Kovacs in a brief conversation here with Gabriella Ferenczi, host and organiser of Language Professionals’ Networking Event and founder of ProLingua Global, a London-based language training company: