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How can you get well-paid, have more free time, and become fulfilled?

A unique life skills workshop, designed and brought to us by Ida Froyda, in collaboration with Language Professionals’ Networking Event.

In this one-day, full-on, highly reflective and practical workshop, Ida will guide you through a 4-pillar process of self-discovery, so you can get equipped with the necessary life skills you need to create a life you love.

Date: Saturday 8th February 2020. 9.30am-5.30pm
Location: Cote Brasserie – Bordeaux Seminar Room. 26 Ludgate Hill, London EC4M 7DR.
Closest station: St Pauls.

About the trainer, Ida Froyda, in her own words:

I have always been passionate and concerned about freedom; especially personal freedom. That is why years ago I was baffled and shocked; how come these intelligent, smart human beings are ‘happy’ to give up the control over their lives and choose to follow the masses, the old paradigms instead of finding their own voices and power. And then complain endlessly about the circumstances or blaming someone else for the “bad luck” they have to face instead of taking the control in their own hands.

To be honest, up until the last 4-5 years I did not have a clue why, then I got the answer from my teachers.

That vexing question led me to make an unexpected decision. To my family’s greatest surprise, after I had several years of success in business (I established 14 companies and ran some of them for years), I took a deep breath and moved to London from Hungary in 2012 in order to learn more about who I was, why people behaved the way they did, and finally find the answer to my query.

Then in London and at several international events and courses, I had the privilege of learning from the top influencers, trainers, teachers,  mentors  and scientists really from the best of the best in the world such as Kim and Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, T.Harv Eker,  dr. Deepak Chopra, Blair Singer, dr. Bruce Lipton, dr. Joe Dispenza and many others. I got invaluable insight into human behaviour, into the world of emotions, and learnt a lot about the human mindset.

Now I have far better understanding, especially because I had my personal experience of what it means to hit rock bottom … and then surprisingly come out in triumph.

All in all I have had a happy and successful life so far. Except for the 15 months 4 years ago when my financial, emotional misery started. Very soon my self confidence, self esteem was gone as well. Fortunately, the knowledge I had gathered from my  wonderful teachers, mentors literally saved my life.

The reason why I decided to share my knowledge is manifold. Once I managed to overcome the worst sufferings and adversities  of my life and open a brand new chapter at the age of 66, I felt the urge to show up as an inspiring example for many,  demonstrating: there is always a solution, a way out.

I am also motivated  because I know how much time, energy and money I invested in who I am today. I am happy to teach you all I have gathered and learnt throughout the past 5-6 years and help you make the most of my life experience, the wisdom of my age and life. 

Since my comeback I have delivered several workshops and 96% of the participants experienced significant changes in their lives within a few months.

I am so much wiser today. This January I turned 68, and at this age I am rebuilding my life with joy and curiosity. I am passionately eager to teach others who are open to learn; how to avoid the pitfalls; how not to fall victim and how to take control over your life.  This is the only way to become empowered and able to fulfil our dreams.

My education: first I graduated as an economist, later got my degree in linguistics and as English language teacher, then several diplomas on marketing, sales, coaching, business management,  personal development etc. 

(I’m divorced, have a son of 47, a 42 year old daughter born with mental and physical disabilities, and a lovely 92 year old mum.)

Join Ida and fellow language professionals for this brand new programme, and learn more about what it is that stops us from getting ahead and how we can boost our performance.


9.00 – 9.30am: Registration and networking

Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, power up with some fresh pastries and get to know other language professionals attending the workshop.

9.30 – 11am: Clarity module

Get an outside perspective of your road up to date. Learn why you are where you are now and what has led to the reality you are experiencing today. Get a clearer picture of what you’ll need to let go of and change in order to get a different outcome. You will make your NOT TO DO LIST to help compound your time and energy.

Gains of completing the Clarity Module:

This module will give you more clarity on what has worked in your life so far and what hasn’t.  Once you know what the things are that do not serve you, you’ll be able to weed out the non-productive, unfruitful and toxic activities from your daily practice. As a result  you can finally throw off the heavy baggage of feeling overwhelmed and spend your valuable time on doing things that give you joy and fulfilment. 

11.00 – 11.15am: Mini break

Take a few minutes to digest the first module of the programme and power up with some coffee, tea and biscuits, all included in the price.

11.15 – 12.45am: Purpose module

We will work on your personal values, God given gifts,  your passions, your successes and wins achieved in your life. We’ll also look at your self-esteem and self confidence.

You will become aware of how gifted you are, that you merit to be rewarded, to be appreciated . As a result you will be open to ask for and receive what you want. No more waste of time and energy on pushing things which have not worked out for you. 

Based on the findings during the clarity process you will have the true picture of where you can gain energy from, what your sources of power, joy, success and fulfilment are.

Gains  of completing the Purpose Module: 

You will know what to focus on and how to manifest your desires with high intention.  If serving other people’s goals, dreams have been in the way to earn the money you deserve, to feel fulfilled , the time has finally come to make money while doing what you love or you are passionate about. You might even discover talents  being hidden from your eyes which could open up new perspectives, new opportunities for you as a career or passion.

12.45 – 1.45pm: Lunch break

Enjoy a selection of lovely, wholesome cooked dishes for lunch, all included in the workshop price.

1.45 – 3.15pm: Manifestation module

This block is based on the latest cutting edge scientific research. We will review and look at the players in your playground; who/what can stop you from manifesting your desires.

  • Limiting beliefs: what they are, where they come from, how to identify them.
  • Self talk on autopilot: where do these voices come from? Why is it critical to master the chat in your head?
  • Learn about the three minds: Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious mind.
  • The fear of, the advantage of and the biology of making mistakes.
  • Tools and techniques on how to clear the blockages along the road to manifest what you want from the depth of your heart. 
  • The scientific explanation and proof why this manifestation method works.
  • Why change old habits, misbeliefs, and harmful daily routines that have led to your current unsatisfactory situation.
  • How to set your mind for a new kind of perception.

Gains of completing the Manifestation Module:

No need to meet the expectations of others any more. Finally you can start making the right choices for yourself and building the kind of life you have always desired. Whether that means for you feeling worthy, being rewarded for what you do, finding joy, happiness and fulfilment or simply  living your life at ease.

3.15 – 3.30pm: Refreshment break

Hydration time.

3.30 – 5pm: Future module

What can you expect from this new decade?

Get ready for the upcoming challenges and changes regarding your current job/profession, and also for possible new opportunities  and choices for you to start a new career if that’s where you see yourself going.

  • You will learn some critical LIFE SKILLS to lay the foundations, not merely to survive in the never-before-seen scenario of the  job market, but to thrive.
  • Practices to learn resilience and keep you on the abundance track for the rest of your life.
  • Your personal 10 commandments based on your values.

Gains of completing the Future Module:

No more panic about your future.  You will be prepared to adapt to any unusual circumstance because you’ll have all the skills  and tools to be resilient, to turn any adverse situation into an opportunity and make the most of what others consider danger or risk. 

5 – 5.30pm: Wind-down

Join us for drinks (self-paid), relax a little and enjoy an informal conversation with the group.

Who is this programme for?

Would you agree that in our rapidly changing world, he who is not ready to keep up with the speed of switches in requirements, conditions and circumstances will face very hard times not later than the next 2-3 years?

This life-skills workshop is a must if you ever experienced the following in the past 3-6 months:

  • Feel overwhelmed and don’t know what to do
  • Struggle to find real quality time to spend with those you love as your thoughts are constantly occupied with questions and worries
  • Find it difficult to wind down and relax
  • Face financial challenges and you feel you’re not rewarded for the work you do
  • Feel unappreciated
  • Are not as productive as you want to be
  • Uncertainty about what you want to do with your life
  • Keep procrastinating the important things

Take a step back from your everyday life, work on yourself and get a fresh perspective on life, so you can tackle all those new challenges that lie ahead in the new decade.

Nota Bene:

There are no miracles in the sense that  no one can resolve your problems, but you. What Ida can offer you is understanding and clarity on the conditions, circumstances, environment where and how you are living now, and show you ways how to get where you want to. Her promise is that if you follow through the process, you will experience significant changes in your life within a few months. 

Embark on this quest to unlock your greatest potential, and create the meaningful life that you desire. Ida will make you see yourself and your potential through a thrilling new lens.

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