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Interview with Neha Trivedi, Graphologist and Instructional Designer

Q&A with a Language Professional is a series of interviews dedicated to showcasing the wonderfully diverse career paths we linguists and language professionals might take and what language means to us all. The same set of questions – yet very different answers indeed!

This time, the questions are answered by Neha Trivedi: Graphologist, Instructional Designer Education Consultant, Counselor and Content Writer. See what her take on language, work, success, passion, and the everyday challenges of working as a fellow language professional is.

What does ‘language’ mean to you?

Neha: Language is the means of communication. It is a structured way of communicating with each other.

What is your journey about?

Neha: My journey is about knowing myself and utilising my talents and potentials for the upliftment of mankind and society at large. 

It is about: 

 “starting from nothing, having  everything and then again ending with nothing”.

Where did you start from, and where are you now?

Neha: I started my work not just with the aim of having my career but rendering my service to the world and humanity in different forms. I started as a counselor then as a graphologist, trainer and instructional designer.

Tell us about your successes and career highlights.

Neha: I always wanted the work that interests and fascinates me. That is the reason I never pursued my education which would be just for namesake. Human behaviour is complex and I was always drawn towards understanding human behaviour at a deeper level. So I started my career as a counselor using the tools of biometrics, graphology. I started my journey as a counselor then went on to become a handwriting analyst, trainer, instructional designer. 

My major success has been during the pandemic, where I conducted behavioural training for young age groups, analysing their handwriting and gauging their present mental state, innate talent, characteristics, and how they could mold this to create a bright future. 

As an instructional designer, I have collaborated with so many people across the world and have conducted learning, business and handwriting consultations. 

Based on the graphology we have designed the logos that would add to the company’s growth and attract the right kind of talent.  

What does an average day look like in your life?

Neha: I work in a field that I am passionate about. So my days are full of learning, explorations, and discoveries. In short, there is no routine, it is filled with uncertainties and excitement. 

Have you ever thought of changing directions, and if so, why?

Neha: I always wanted to do something that would make my life more fulfilled and not just filled with pleasures. I followed my heart and tried to walk the path that I am meant to walk instead of following the common trends. 

I had been a Biotechnology student, but the laboratory work didn’t make me happy and I also believed in not playing with nature. So I left that stream and came to the field of counseling, graphology and then into instructional designing which is filled with creativity, science and innovation. 

Can you identify anything that might be challenging in the future for your profession?

Neha: As a graphologist when we come across so many individuals with varied streams of thoughts and experiences, it is essential to raise our own body vibrations because there is a lot of exchange of emotions, thoughts that create certain vibrations in our own body which can either have a good or bad impact. 

Another challenge is with the advent of technology at a rapid pace and everything going online, there is minimal handwriting activity that people of all age groups have. Handwriting is an exercise of the brain and is a natural part of our body, so if this stops, it would also have adverse impacts on how the human mind and body function.

And what’s the most common misconception about your field of work?

Neha: Many skeptics believe that graphology is pseudo-science. 

It is not counted as a scientific tool that helps understand human behaviour and personality traits. Graphology is a powerful tool that can facilitate one in creating a healthy and purposeful life. 

Where are you heading? What is the rest of the journey like as you see it now?

Neha: I am creating and living a life that would be fulfilled and filled with satisfaction. I chose the path which was filled with uncertainties in the beginning but now at this point with all the personal and professional experiences makes me feel really accomplished. It always gives me the energy to keep on walking. 

The rest of my journey involves serving humankind to its best and contribute towards making this world a better place for living. 

Any books / movies / exhibitions / events / art that you would recommend us language professionals to read / watch / visit?


Do you have a favourite quote or a life mantra you live by?


“If you are going through hell, keep going through it” ,

this is one of my favourite quotes.

How can we find you in the online space? Website, LinkedIn, or email perhaps?


Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions, Neha. Congratulations on all your professional and personal achievements. Wishing you all the best for your future plans.


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