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Results of the survey on money in language related professions

1 month ago we asked our community to have their say about a delicate matter: money and finance within our industry.

It all started at our November event, when Madalena Xanthopoulou from We Live Languages suggested that we explore the subject at a future networking event. We decided to dedicate the whole January event to this challenging topic.
Madalena prepared a short survey which we shared with the community.
The goal of the survey is to understand the challenges we language professionals face when it comes to money and collect real data in order to start a meaningful conversation at the event. 

The results are now in. 

Firstly, we asked about the nature of the source of income:

The second question was related to our yearly turnover:

Then we asked to evaluate our yearly income:

Lastly, we asked about the price range we set for our service.

What do you think about the findings? Is there anything that struck you in particular? Feel free to leave a comment below. We would be happy to hear what your thoughts are on the results.

If you missed our January event, stay tuned. We will publish a summary real soon.   


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