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Our January 2019 Event. Laura Patsko: An English accent that everyone can understand

January’s Language Professionals’ Networking Event was a great night spent in the company of fellow linguists and language enthusiasts.

We kicked off the evening at City Business Library. Laura Patsko delivered a thought-provoking mini-workshop/talk on the countless ways English is spoken in the world, titled ‘An English accent that everyone can understand.’

She explained about the role of subconscious expectations in a conversation, and how a consistent accent and pronunciation can help the listeners to follow and understand what’s being said.

We then spent quite some time discussing our experiences on whether it’s useful to distinguish between native and non-native speakers, we talked about scenarios where people communicate in English even though none of them speaks it as their first language.

We discussed what makes an accent easy to understand, and what factors influence someone’s pronunciation in their second language.

We then continued the conversation at the bar, and engaged in lively discussions over a drink or two.

Thanks to everyone who attended, it was such a pleasure to meet you and see you all.


About the speaker:

Laura Patsko is an internationally recognised language consultant and trainer. She helps professionals in diverse industries to use English effectively as an international language, focusing on those features and strategies which lead to communicative success in international settings.

Laura’s work facilitates better mutual global understanding by developing people’s awareness of the diverse ways in which people use English, particularly which features and strategies are more or less successful when communicating in international settings. Her training approach is underpinned by research evidence from the fields of intelligibility, language acquisition and sociolinguistics.

She holds a bachelor’s degree (first class) in Linguistics from the University of Reading and a master’s degree in English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics (with distinction) from King’s College London, as well as both CELTA and Delta English language teaching qualifications, accredited by the University of Cambridge (ESOL).

You can have a look at Laura’s website and reach out to her here:

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