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Check out our calendar here:

Language Professionals’ Networking Event is a two-fold initiative:

It’s an independent monthly social gathering, non-profit, and it’s purpose is to build a community of like-minded linguists of all fields, to get together regularly in an informal setting, listen to a 30-minute short talk, be inspired by the variety of professional paths we take, network, discuss our challenges in a supportive environment, and enjoy each other’s company.

Fellow linguists expressed their interest to deliver more substantial trainings and unique workshops to those in our audience and followers who are interested in their area of expertise and would like to learn more. These training events are for profit, to honour the trainer’s work, and to support Language Professionals’ Networking Event to deliver a great experience.

Gabriella Ferenczi explains more here:

If you’re interested in talking to our network of language professionals, deliver a workshop, talk, or a whole day or multiple day event, fill in this contact form and Gabriella Ferenczi, host and organiser will be in touch:

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