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Events for language professionals at the British Library

The library has some fantastic events that may be of interest to us language professionals.

In January, the legend Prof. David Crystal gave a fantastic talk on the origins of English, accents, dialects and what English may sound like in 100 years’ time. It was brilliant.

Here’s a link to the library’s most recent event schedule. 

We’re particularly interested in the following talks:

“Much is made of the dazzling diversity of languages spoken in modern-day Britain, but far less attention is paid to the more than two million speakers of non-English languages that originate in the UK, among them Welsh, Gaelic, Scots, Cornish, Manx, British Sign Language and Angloromani.

Poets Marcas Mac an Tuairneir (Gaelic), Christine De Luca (Scots) and musician and artist Gwenno (Welsh & Cornish) join British Library translator-in-residence Rahul Bery for a discussion about the past, present and future of the indigenous languages of Britain.”

Robert Alter: Translating the Hebrew Bible

“Learn about the first ever literary translation of the entire Hebrew Bible by a single author

Discover The Hebrew Bible anew with Robert Alter, who has spent decades translating the entire Hebrew Bible himself, with the ambition to capture its literary power.
In this illustrated lecture, hear how and why Alter has set aright what he calls the ’embarrassing inaccuracies’ of the King James Version, restored the distinctive rhythms and meanings of the ancient Hebrew and decided to leave intact the purposeful ambiguities, archaic references, and striking metaphors that carry so much literary power in the original.”

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