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Our March 2019 Event. Gabriella Kovacs: How can language professionals utilise a coaching approach in their work?

After Gabriella Ferenczi’s welcome and introduction, we listened to Gabriella Kovacs’ talk entitled How can language professionals utilise a coaching approach in their work?

Gabriella highlighted some key aspects of the coaching approach, and invited us on an interactive journey together, taking a look at what elements of language coaching language professionals can make use of in their specific field.

Gabriella helped us to come to terms with some basic similarities and differences between teaching, training and coaching.

She pointed out that a language coach looks at what to build upon, looks at what’s there and focuses on the whole language learning process from the client’s point of view. A language coaching process is therefore a client-driven journey, rather than a learner-focused one.

A language coach can support a the learning process and complement the work of the teacher and/or trainer, and equally, a language teacher and trainer who knows about the coaching approach can utilise it to help their clients to reach their goal.

She also explained that knowing about the coaching approach and being able to use it at times in our work can increase the depth and impact we can make for our clients or colleagues, no matter what sort of role we work in or what we do.

Gabriella Kovacs briefly lead us through her tangled professional path and showed us how she found clarity when she discovered language coaching. At the end of our discussion, she even demo-coached live which was an eye-opener in many ways for the attendees.

After the 30-minute thought-provoking talk, we went over to a cosy bar and continued the conversation over a drink or two, enjoying the company of like-minded language professionals.

Thank you very much to everyone who attended, see you next month.


About the speaker:

Originally from Australia, Gabriella Kovacs is an ICF credentialed and accredited language coach, business communication trainer, teacher trainer. She is currently head language coach of a corporate language school in Budapest, Hungary. Her mission is to add dimension to ongoing language learning practices by introducing language coaching to organisations and also to spark interest in coaching for language professionals globally.

To learn more about Gabriella and her work, visit, and feel free to reach out to her via

PS: Under the umbrella of Language Professionals’ Networking Event, Gabriella Kovacs also held a very insightful and exclusive two-day workshop on language coaching, on 14th and 15th March 2019. Many in our community and followers expressed their serious interest in these programmes but couldn’t participate this time.

Thanks to the fantastic feedbacks and the success of the programmes, we’re now planning to organise another round in June 2019.

If you’d like to join us, you have a limited time to have your say on the June dates. Vote here on the days that work for you and we will make sure to select the days that suit most of those who are interested in participating.

Have a look at what Gabriella Kovacs is preparing for June 2019
and signal your interest in the programmes here.

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