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Our February 2020 Event. Eva Ruiz: The Language of Love

In February, the audience gathered to listen to Eva Ruiz’ talk entitled The Language of Love, followed by networking, drinks and great conversations.

In her talk, Eva explored the power of words and how to become more aware of them. She pointed out that there is a link between words and emotions, and explained how she uses this link to help her clients change their narrative around the relationship with themselves, others and life.

She encouraged the audience to think about the following questions:

  • How could the language you use affect your life?
  • How is that language affecting the people around you?
  • What are the conversations you have with yourself?
  • Do you have conversations of love?
  • How do you then speak love onto others?

Eva kicked off with a strong statement: you are the essence of love in a physical body.  When you are at the highest, most wonderful frequency (7th heaven or Cloud 9), what you feel is the energy of love.

She went on by saying that words are also an energy, they provoke a vibration in each one of us. Therefore, when we communicate with the energy of love, the words we use project that energy.

Just think of Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa or Martin Luther King – they all spoke with this energy, and people follow them to this day not just for their words, but through their energy and love.

Loving yourself is being aligned with that energy – Eva explains.

Questions like “Am I good enough?” however, come from the ego. The ego tries to put everything into boxes. We always have a choice of showing up as either the essence of love, or the ego. We live in ego, but we are the essence of love.

It’s a lot easier to love another person than to love ourselves.

Eva shared openly how she struggled with self harm from her teens. Affirmations like saying “I love you” in the mirror didn’t seem to make much of a difference – she would cry and feel it wasn’t working.

It took her years to realise that people who don’t love themselves cannot accept praise – it just doesn’t mean anything to them.

The energy of words is powerful and that is why we need to be aware of how we speak to ourselves and to others.

Seeing different ways of living can give you the freedom to choose to do things differently. That’s what Eva now promotes through her work.

About the speaker:

Eva Ruiz is a multilingual writer, speaker and certified NLP life coach. Through her coaching and work, she helps people create the best relationship with themselves and others. An advocate of self-love, she has spent years helping people reconnect with the love within, and feel free to be who they are in any relationship. Spiritual at heart, she speaks of love and ego. She shows you that when you align with the Universe, your reconnect with your higher power: the essence of love that you are.

Her programme, ‘The Laws of Relationships’, has helped many understand the principles of human connections and transform lives through tapping into universal laws that bring acceptance, love and peace.

Eva suffered with depression, self-harming and suicidal thoughts from the age of 17. Many
years later, she realised that no matter how much she loved her children, teaching them how to love themselves wasn’t enough when she was still trying to deal with her own demons. She took the brave decision to get divorced and start being free to be herself, whatever that meant. Her healing teacher taught her some of the greatest principles of self-love, coaching her through the power of language, emotions, vulnerability.

Today, Eva encourages thousands around the world through her podcast ‘Free to Be You’ and her ‘Love Starts With You Project’. A language teacher for over 20 years, Eva is passionate about intercultural studies, which she uses in her work.

You can connect with Eva via LinkedIn here and this is her email address:

She’ll be pleased to hear from you.

In February, the audience was welcomed by three wonderful hosts:

Hedvig Sandbu is the world’s first Norwegian Neurolanguage Coach®. After a few years working for a tech startup in London, Hedvig realised that where she wanted to innovate was in language learning, and that technology is not the solution to every problem. Hedvig helps learners of English and Norwegian to find their confidence and creativity in their own learning journey.

Reach out to her via LinkedIn here.

Ana Ilievska Završnik is a Macedonian and Slovenian linguist with almost two decades of experience, mainly in translating and lately more in teaching. She is an avid student of languages. In her free time she likes to read books on grammar, history of languages, attend conferences, online courses and learn new languages. Currently she is learning Scottish Gaelic.

Reach out to her via LinkedIn here.

Marianna Goral has worked on developing and designing online and blended-learning Higher Education courses, in-house language assessments and co-authored academic research projects on the topic of Virtual Learning Environments in the classroom. She has managed consultancy projects for a leading global pharmaceutical company, an online English language platform and an international language app company providing advice on: research methodologies, current education market trends, website and app development (marketing and content creation), operations and growth strategies.

Connect with Marianna here.

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