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Our March 2020 Event: Collective brainstorming on the challenges and opportunities during the Corona Pandemic

For the first time, Language Professionals’ Networking Event went online.

The whole world is upside down due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. In times like these, communities are more important than ever. Participants joined us online for a collective brainstorming to discuss the challenges language professionals are now facing in a private, supportive environment. The purpose of our meeting was to brainstorm, to help each other, and to relax a little bit in the company of like-minded language professionals.

The virtual doors opened at 6.30pm and attendees first started with a 30-second introduction. Then, we all shared candidly what sort of challenges we struggle with in this new landscape, and at the same time, what kind of opportunities we see emerging.

We talked about our new realities, our new lives and lifestyles, how our clients are responding to the new environment and how we see the future going forward.

Once everyone’s had their turn, a collective brainstorming session followed, where we shared ideas, insights, raised further questions and provided a bit of support for each other. We got so into it that Gabriella completely forgot about her host duty to take a screenshot and photo of the event. Luckily, Nathalie Danon did take a pic and saved the day, thanks Nat!

We finished just in time to join the NHS Clap for Our Carers movement, to express our gratitude for their hard work to fight the virus.

The proceeds of this event go entirely to Moorfields Eye Charity. Charities now need more support than ever, and we are proud to be able to sponsor Moorfields from our ticket sales.

We’ll be back again in April, and as things are standing, we are sticking to the online format which proved to be working really really well.

Until then, take good care of yourselves and your loved ones.

Stay safe.


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